PosthumanPosts is a space that seeks to clarify (or further confuse?) the notion of the posthuman and to introduce the discipline within which it falls: that is posthumanism. The “post” in posthuman literally means that which “comes after” the human, that is “after life,” “second life,” maybe even beyond the human life. The posthuman is usually affiliated with the future, technology, sci-fi, transcendence. Nevertheless, the posthuman could loosely be defined as the human being who seeks to outdo himself/herself. This idea is contested by a number of authors, who view the posthuman as the entities that are not human, and which might be able to gain a “voice” when technology is advanced enough. This look in the future is not always endorsed. For Katherine Hayles, one of the prominent figures of posthumanism, the “post” has always been part of the human, but to what extent does this “post” affect the “humanness” of the human? When referring to the “posthuman,” do we always have to have in mind the technological “nonhuman”?


Our posts will attempt to answer these questions in various fields, notably literature, philosophy, and cinema.